5 – Planning education for safety, resilience and social cohesion

Wednesday 25 February 2015 17.30 – 19.00 Nunn Hall, 20 Bedford Way, Institute of Education, London

‘Planning education for safety, resilience and social cohesion’ – Dr Lyndsay Bird (IIEP)

In a world where most countries are facing complex challenges, whether natural or man made, more than ever education is under attack – both physically and financially. Children and teachers need to know that they have the resources to learn and teach in safety, and that their education system promotes peace rather than violence. This requires awareness and preparedness and is what good educational planning should include. Ministries of education can prevent and mitigate the impact of conflict and disaster on school age children and the system more broadly. It takes knowing what the risks are and where the weaknesses of the education sector are in order to:

– Protect schools, teachers and learners by eradicating inequitable education investment across regions, biased curricula, and relocate schools to non-hazardous locations, away from flood zones, landslide areas, etc.

– Develop emergency routines, including school safety plans, to: address internal displacements, and interruptions in learning, involve local communities and teachers to take over if needed.

– Monitor how well ministries and their stakeholders are able to strengthen resilience and make sure planning pays attention to conflict and disaster risks in sector diagnoses.

These are just some of the areas of good educational planning that the UNESCO International Institute of Educational Planning (IIEP) promotes when supporting ministries of education around the world to strengthen their education systems. IIEP trains planners and equips them with tools to assess risks to the education system; sensitises education leaders on the importance of conflict and disaster risk reduction; and works intensively with ministries of education to develop emergency strategies and crisis- sensitive sector plans.

Please register for free at our Eventbrite site

For more information please contact Dr Pherali (T.Pherali@ioe.ac.uk)

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