Early Childhood Development Module Pilot (INEE)

Friday 12th December, from 11-3 in room 639, 20 Bedford Way, UCL Institute of Education, London

The International Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE) has developed a short training module on Early Childhood Development (ECD) to be added to the INEE Education Cluster Education in Emergencies training package.

This module will be used in trainings with education practitioners and policy makers to share information on
(1) What is ECD?
(2) Why is ECD important?
(3) What are the key components and challenges of ECD programming?

In order to strengthen the training materials and to ensure they best meet the capacity building needs of the INEE members and partners, we, at the Network for Research in Education, Conflict and Emergencies, will be supporting the INEE by running a pilot training and providing feedback. We will do both the basic training module and one supplementary activity which will extend an exercise in which participants design an ECD response in an emergency.

This will take place on Friday 12th December, from 11-3 in room 639. There are only 30 places available – it is open to all on a first come first served basis. To book please go to: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/early-childhood-development-in-emergencies-training-inee-new-module-pilot-tickets-14750006667

11am to 1pm – Basic Training Module.
1pm to 1:30pm – Break for lunch (sorry it is short, we only have the room to 3pm)
1:30 to 3pm – Supplemental training on designing ECD in emergency programs.

The session outline for the Basic Training Module is as follows:

1. Welcome, Introduction of Learning Objectives
2. What is ECD and how is it different in emergencies?
3. Why provide ECD in emergencies?
4. ECD in emergency program design
5. Potential Partners for ECDiE

Please bring anything you will need to make notes, and your very best critical thinking! It looks like a solid introduction, but we will in many ways be trying to pull this training apart to make sure that it is as strong as it can be – so be prepared to speak up and out!